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Promoe - Dog Day Afternoon - text písně

Texty písní » Promoe - Dog Day Afternoon

Promoe - stát se fanouškem

Dog day afternoon

Good morning, boys and girls.
It's a new day, what we call the morning after.
Ain't nothing changed, though.
Still the same war, yer' head feelin like it exploded last night, right.

Verse 1: (Promoe)
All of the people can’t be alright all of the time they tell me
But some people seem to have a right to have it all
All of my people let’s unite right now
Don’t follow Babylon system because they’re capitalistic cannibals
I’m callin’ for equal rights and justice just like the teacher Peter Tosh did
Tryin’ to reach my people in the mush pit at the festivals
Or at the clubs, the cars, the parks, at homes – wherever you choose to roam
Promoe on the microphone, don’t care if I’m right or no I just shoot the foam
Don’t know if it’s night or afternoon, but I know it’s the morning after soon
And I know I’m gonna pass out soon, too fast too soon, bring me back the tune
So I can vibe all night like there’s no tomorrow
Come with me on a flight, leave this world so shallow
Piece of the pie, keys of the ride, E’s for the high, dime piece on the side
That’s what they all want aint’s it, y’all gon’ feel it morning after, no more laughter
Work in iniquity and we think we are free
Just because we can’t see, the chorus sing it with me!

Chorus: (Promoe & Rantoboko)
Oh yes
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
I’m so tired of the world right now
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Never wanna wake up no more
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Just wanna take it easy
- I am with the people when the world unites...

Verse 2: (Timbuktu)
No peace – no justice, they’re restless, don’t need get busted for questions
Seek and trust in affection, plus keep in touch with the checks and
People wieldin’ weapons at each other to keep it covered
And keep it comin’, the power that be just wanna see the numbers
Would probably eat their mothers, don’t really speak to others
Just sit back and watch people fall into deeper slumbers
Of money and materialistic shit
That’s unequally distributed
And the things that we’re willing to risk for it, to just get a whiff of it
Ride around town in a crispy whip, get a pretty chick to kiss my lip
I want every day to be like a festival, I wanna kick back have nothing else to do
But eat cake in the park, drink makers mark, swim around the pool like a mako shark
But what am I gonna make the bacon off? And I get no sleep still awake at dawn
All I wanna do is hold my chest out, all you gonna get is totally stressed out
Howlin like a Wolf, screaming like Jay Hawkins
With nightmares of what their dreams might cost them

Chorus: (Timbuktu & Rantoboko)
Oh yes
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Thinkin’ of when times get better
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Pointin’ my eyes to the sky
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
And you know
- I’m chillin’ with my people... when the world unites

Verse 3: (Chords)
All I hear are clocks tickin’, I’m stuck in this hot kitchen
in the fuckin’ wok sizzin’, watchin’ how the plot thickens
Watchin’ all these cops friskin’ little kids for shopliftin’
Tellin’ em to stop, listen! Run and check the job listings
Nah mister, I don’t work for slave wages
I don’t want my playstation to trade places with a pacemaker
I just relaxed real cool, sat back looked pass the rules
You and your pack of fools ruined my afternoon
I swear these motherfuckers got a hold of me, bloodsuckers controllin’ me
Won’t let go of me, and they throwin’ me to the wall, but I fall on my own two feet
Could it be cus I’m rollin’ trees and my block smells like potpourri
With my eyes shot red like the Cyclops in the Odyssey when I go to sleep
It is cus I don’t hold the grease? Fuck that man I flow on beats
Fuck the man patrollin’ streets, cuffin’ hands and holdin heat
I’d rather earn a dollar with a dirty collar
workin’ the early hours for something worth the bother!

Chorus: (Chords & Rantoboko)
Don’t need no 9-5
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Not to know that I’m alive
- It’s been a hard day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
See I know that time will fly
- It’s been a had day’s night now it’s a dog day afternoon
Even if I don’t climb inside, and vibe...
- Relaxin’ with my people when the world unites!

Přidal: Z U P A dne 07. 02. 2005 v 20:01.
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