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Promoe - Long Distance Runner - text písně

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Promoe - stát se fanouškem

Long distance runner

What was going on (yeah, aha)
And i wrote this
The Long Distance Runner
And recorded this (check it, ya)


Its 2004
Last year Tony and George started the war of the whores
Same year, and the year before, plus the year before that
Me and the Troop were on constant tours
Chanting Imbumba! from the South African shores
To the Norwegian fjords, I tried to keep a vegan course
Traveling with good friends like Chords, Timbuk and DJ Large, Jonny Bass and Big Boss
Before the Struggle album made the recordstores
We were on a Road to Hell, breakin doors and laws
Me, Supreme, Gangsta Pete and Schumi of course
Had a little trouble with the German police force (aha)
Thats why I had to stop drinking
Cuz when I start drinking is when I stop thinking
That i gotta stay on top off things
And when im under the botlle you know I stop think

Like an athlete, a long distance runner
On a track meet spring, fall, winter, summer
They attack me, but it gon' make stronger
Get at me dawg when your patience's longer
An athlete, a long distance runner
On a track meet spring, fall, winter, summer
They attack me, but it gon' make stronger
Get at me dawg...

Livin' in this free world - expecting cops to abuse me
When i'm chilling with a cup full o' müsli
Matter of time 'fore my cup is running over
But Im' a get mine cus mahfuckers running slower (Yeah!)
Followin' my sprinter trail
I run shit down the line on the Interrail (Yeah!)
I ain't going, I ain't been to jail
I got work to do, and I got things to say
A real rolemodel for the kids today
Can't afford gettin' sent away, get them fingerprints away
Wipe off the mike every single stain
Recognize bomb shit when it's in my mail
What a big disgrace, what a big bam-bam you had to end this way
All you ever wanted to was to entertain
Went against the wrong guy cus i was meant to stay...


The battle ain't for the strong, nor the race for the swift
But for those who can't endure the type o' blaze that I spit
For those that will survive all the changes and shit
With families, fans, partners and labels you're with
And even if I wanted I woldn't be able to quit
I gotta keep running til the pavement will split
Under my bare feet, the concrete with red heat
Or till my future kids eat, and we all livin' carefree
In a zion hut, we ain't dawgs no more
Were my lion's at?
Gimme some signal let me see your lion paw
Let me know what we're living and what we're dying for
Ask myself
It's it a good enough reason
If so I go all out like it was my last season
If my, voice is weak, my boys will speak
To conquer the world I gotta keep a top physique


No alcohol, no weed
No cigaretts, no És
No milk, no cheese
No eggs, no meat
Just medation and peace
Red lentils, chick peas
Good workout, good sleep
Mo' sunshine, light breeze...

Přidal: Z U P A dne 07. 02. 2005 v 19:56.
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