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Promoe - Likkle Supm Supm - text písně

Texty písní » Promoe - Likkle Supm Supm

Promoe - stát se fanouškem

Likkle supm supm

Now this is just a likkle supm supm /
To let you know I got supm comin' /
And let you know I'm still up and runnin' /
And let you know that the fire still burning /
Just a likkle supm supm /
For all my rough riders to bump this summer /
All my graff writers who bomb till sun up /
And all my ladies let me see you push your hand up /
Ram up...

dancehall, roll call, stand tall, don't fall /
Party people get duttier than Sean Paul /
Back that ass up - fuck that, mash up /
For all my people that never pull their pants up /
Get your shirts off, I'm a' kick a verse off /
Something out of this world that you ain't never heard so: /
Organize and harmonize /
all my people rise so that we can live nice /

And get just a likkle supm supm /
We need a little food and a lots of lovin' /
We need a little roof and some pots and oven /
We need to tell the truth cus the future's comin' /

Right around the bend I count 9 times out of 10 /
with the right amount of strenght pure righteousness will win /
this stumblin' problem - struggle in Babylon - government's carry on /
crumblin' happenin': front of our eyes like: /
RIGHT ABOUT NOW, Bombs over Bagdad /
The White House wipe out, this is what the fight's 'bout: /
U.S. - No oil - Tjicka tjicka - Lights out /
People act blind run around with their eyes out /
Heads off - screws loose, let's off deuce deuce /
Shotgun blast body swell up like cous cous /
Love me good hotties from Bollywood /
Incredible honeys in edible undies, but is he good? /
Easy pops, the ZZ Top of hiphop /
has returned with another hit hot /
till death makin' ladies pull a little closer /
Just like they supposed to /

Baby give me just a likkle supm supm /
You know we got so many little things in common /
You know I love it how you always keep me comin' /
Back for more of the sweetest lovin' /

When there's a war going on outside no man is safe from /
We can run but we can't hide forever from /
George Bush & Tony Blair, IMF, the worldbank whos only care /
is to hold this here gold in their /
greedy little hands, somebody tell me why won't they share /
& give us just a likkle supm supm /
We need some new leaders cus these ones be frontin' /

They got hidden agendas ulterior motives /
They be spittin' the venom & gettin' the voters /
They got devils within' em that's givin' the orders /
We need a new beginning and a new world disorder!


Přidal: Z U P A dne 07. 02. 2005 v 20:03.
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