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Promoe - In The Jungle - text písně

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Promoe - stát se fanouškem

In the jungle

Welcome to the jungle or the psychoward
21 gun salute give me the hottest mike award
Don't get to close because it might go off
David Vs. Goliath bigger than Microsoft
You know that type of talk
Will get the ladies so wet they puttin' diapers on
But no R.Kelly all fruits ripe ya' know
Just guava jelly love your Cellulites and all

Ohh, same way we do it a yard
We make the gal them wiggle'n jiggle like a battery we charge
A we no fraud pure gal a rush at di Ward oh Lord
We make you call the nation guard, give we applaud
We rockin' it fron yard to abroad
You diss Mean Dawg run you over with a Honda Accord
And check maud, the bitch shouldn't diss me dawg
You get a triangle nozzle, well big and broad

In the jungle where the riddims play
loud drum and bass hot women stay
In the jungle where the city oarey
on the weak in the street canät live this way
In the jungle where the riddims play
loud drum and bass hot women stay
In the jungle where the fassys prey
on the week in the street can't live this way

Righteousness and vibes we a full of
People hear the first two lines ans be like pull up!
Then I come back again
5000 people outside the club pack em' in
Grettin' my people with peace, what's happenin'?
I'm so happy to be here you look ravishin'
Please, done the violence no more blood spatterin'
LoopTroop love bigger than drug traficin'

Pack it upp pack it in now let me begin
Mek me grab the mike and put down this bottle of gin
Huh, serious as a judge cus we io laugh and a grin
crazyness within, we mash up any riddim we're given
Me make the gal them all a whine and a spin
Them panty wet up when them hear any song whe we sing
Bad man a give them every steady mobbing
so when the music a pump it keep my heart throbbing


Yo Pee what's the haps like? really how you feeling?
(Promoe) Shiie, just like last night - chillin' like a villain
I'm home alone sippin' on the woda homes
If I had one I'm swiching' off the Vodafone
In a focused mode
Flows ridicullous roller coast to coast
I propose a toast to the hottest emcee
Roots, drink the whole damn bottle it's me!


Přidal: Z U P A dne 07. 02. 2005 v 19:58.
Počet zobrazení: 430 (0).

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