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Nas - Favor For A Favor - text písně

Texty písní » Nas - Favor For A Favor

Nas - stát se fanouškem

Favor for a favor

I don't even wanna fuck with this
Gangsta shit
"Danger Danger"

It's on and once again i bring niggas to ruff
Fuckin with us
That get you mother fuckers touched
Gettin the darkest alleys
Where the super sports ralley
Beating up the block, leaving these niggas shot
They ain't ready for the Nakameze
I flip this shit like a Kamaneze
Nah they a mother fucker see me
They try to breeze me
But I got niggas in New York call me Kamakeze
Sparking this shit that keep me off the heazy
Yay hova, with my man came over
Scoope me, blowing dukey
In the black Range Rover
Now see ya
Tell these mother fuckers what we came for
Tell these niggaz why we here

Nuthin but the New York to Texas connection
Nuthin but some real shit
What y'all expected
Spase out, some times dreaming
Thinking I'm a woke
Harsh reality's a light
Hit me after I smoke
Money satisfy half of my move
Then there's a part of me that's disted
Quiet, the most dangerous side of me
I'm twisted like Dr. Death
Kovorkian, flip shit
Qiute gun handled made them portalin
My Houston niggas come thru for niggas
Scarface get a call and we shooting niggas
Favor for a favor, that's how we do business
Trying to make future figures, we two of the illest

We wet who I what wet it
I wet who you want wet it
Any nigga can get it(A Favor for a favor)

You say you got a problem
So tell a nigga where he at
So I can study his motions
And peel his mother fucker cap
Where a brother go to school out
Find out some more information bout that bitch
And hit that nigga right back
'Cause when it comes down, to the come down
I'm gonna pull the mother fucking floor to him
Walk him to his face then done him
Set a example, set his hoes a message
They need to be more careful who they mess with
Don't even stress it
Let it, I blow these capers all the time
With a ?? AK I blow his mother fucking mind
Hit it whoever standing by
I'll tell these niggas lets go
And then feel the ride, and feel the die
He feel the die, throwin up his own blood
With a smug in his mother fucking mug
I'll do this outta love, Cause your money ain't no good here
So consider that as favor, until I need a favor

Chorus: 4X

A killer code, secret untold
How we bury beef with the rolls
To his wake we send a reef that explodes
Beneath us I see with the Reaper
They sleep eyes closed
That's how real brajo and keep it
To him I owe
Five 4 4's ready, five mass five macheti's
Attack them like Freddy, then we toasting over spaghetti
I share with the crima, you share with mine
That's how we killing two birds at the same time
Send your enemy's ear, I'll send your enemy's finger
With a pinkie ring, as a present my nigga
Either way the heat is gray
Fuck with Face we bring war
Either you feel these bullets or the Texas chainsaw
Not for popularity reasons, but for the love of the art
And your my heart, I leave casualties bleeding
Cause we keep a death for a death, life for a life
Murder for a murder, and I got ya vice versa

Chorus: 4X

"A Favor For A Favor"- 3X

Přidal: Z U P A dne 06. 02. 2005 v 12:19.
Počet zobrazení: 249 (0).

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