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One mic

One time
Yo, all I need is one mic,one beat, one stage, one nigga front my face on the front page. Only if I had one gun, one girl, and one crib. One god to show me how to do the things his son did. Pure like a cup of virgin blood mixed with one fifty one, one sip will make a nigga flip. Writing names on my hollow tips plotting shit. Mad dollars, more than one body, that's hood politics. Acknowledging, leaving bodies chopped up in garbages. See kids watching us, grow up, and try to follow us. Police watch us, roll up and try knocking us. One day I jumped. Could it be my time is up? With my luck I got up. The cops shot again. Bust up, glass first, Serphine dropped his Heinikin. Richocheting between the spots that i'm hiding in. Blacking out, start shooting back. Fuck getting hit! This is my hood, I'm a rap to the death of it. Till everybody come home, little babies are grown. Hood rats throwing ? in your room. 3D war wariors soon sick 'em, the star, sun, and the moon. And its like a police chase, the street sweepers and coppers sick of kids with no consciences leaving victims with doctors. If you ready to die when I doubt, this is what Nas is about, nigga, the time is now.
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one blunt, one page, and one pen, one prayer, tell god forgive me for one sin. Matter of fact maybe more than one, look back at all the hatred against me, fuck all of them. Jesus died at age 33. That's 33 shots with twin glocks at 16 a peice, that's 32 which means one of my guns was holding 17. 27 hit your crew, 6 went into you. Everybody got to die sometime, hope your funeral never gets shot up. Bullets tear through the innocent. Nothing is fair. Niggaz role up, shotting from wheelchairs. My heart is racing, taste the revenge in the air. I lived the shit life for too many years, too many times how I'm strapped with a couple of macks, to many knives, and got niggaz really with me, get busy, load up the semi's. Do more than just hold and explode the clip until you empty. There's nothing in our way. They bust, we bust, they rust, we rust.Lets fly. I'm feeling in my gut that we take these bitches to war, lie em down. Cause we stronger now my nigga, the time is now.
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one life, one try, one breath or one man. What I stand for speaks for itself. They don't understand. They want to see me on top, too egotistical. Talking all that slick shit the same way these bitches do. Wonder what my secrets is, nigga's that move on you only get you you know what your weakness is. I have none. Too late to grab guns, I blast things 'cause I'm a cool nigga. Thought I wouldn't have that ass done, I fooled you niggaz. But you brawled an infinite brawl and in turn it starts clashing. World gets deep, some beef is everlasting. Complete with thick scars. Brothers wacking each other up in prison yards. Drama. Where does it start? Do you the black was ill as a youngster. every night it was like a cop would get killed, body found in a dumpster. For real a hustler purchase my range niggaz throwing dirt on my name, jealous 'cause feigns got their work and complain. Bitches elft me 'cause they thought I was finished. Shit, I knew she wasn't true. She came to me when her man caught us, sent us diamonds and I was blinded. Inever make the same mistakes. Moving with the changing pace. Ride alone so now they can get straight. Swelling my melon 'cause none of these niggaz real heard before. Telling police how can a king pin squeel. This is crazy, I'm on the right track. I'm finally found. We need some soul searching, the time is now.
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic
All I need is one mic

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