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Metallica - Invisible Kid - text písně

Texty písní » Metallica - Invisible Kid

Metallica - stát se fanouškem

Invisible kid
Never see what he did
Got stuck where he hid
Fallen through the grid

Invisible kid
Got a place of his own
Where he'll never be known
Inward he's grown

Invisible kid
Locked away in his brain
From the shame and the pain
World down the drain

Invisible kid
Suspicious of your touch
Don't want no crutch
But it's all too much

I hide inside
I hurt inside
I hide inside, bull I'll show you...

I'm ok, just go away
Into distance let me fade
I'm ok, just go away
I'm ok, but please don't stray too far

Open your heart
I'm beating right here
Open your mind
I'm beating right here
Open your heart
I'm beating right here
Open your mind
I'm beating right here

Ooh, what a good boy you are
Out of the way and you're kept to yourself
Ooh, can't you see that he's not here
He doesn't want the attention you give
Ooh, unplugging from it all
Invisible kid floats alone in his room
Ooh, what a quiet boy you are
He looks so calm floating 'round and around himself

Přidal: Ondra dne 09. 02. 2005 v 16:30.
Počet zobrazení: 191 (0).

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