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Gipsy - I Have A Dream - text písně

Texty písní » Gipsy - I Have A Dream

Gipsy - stát se fanouškem

When I kick this confession I shape to the fashion…
My presumption melts and my sense grips like tension.
i Contemplate … the scene around me.
Shocked.. ..but use to predictate proudly.
Yo, so this is the way how be.
The kids of the crit, see how we launch the leed..
all we need is just behind the scene..
I close my eyes… …listen.. I have a dream….

Do you wanna know?
my dream…
Just listen…
Get the mean..

I got a dream about the Earth in the flash…
Static rotation around the Sun reborn of the ash..
Dream about the century of freedom..wisdom.
Hip-hop is the way how to express.. so listen..
I drive the car one way every day
bear down on the hara to cure all the lame..
Cuz hip-hop is all about the mystery of movement.
so play the groove, everybody make the move..
Feel the root in evolution and the history…
Feel like an element of this big pedigree…
Jam with Gipsy.. just feel like a part of the team..
Yo, when I close my eyes.. ……..I have a dream…

Skrech (I have a dream)

Rhymes and reason.. paradox shizm..
Battle for the friendship, rap like budhism.
Practical technics and common theories.
I dream about the light and live memories..
When I´ll be old man I´d like to die proudly.
I wanna see the greatest past just behind me.
Yes, I have a dream, now you know what I mean.
I mean streets kept real and so clean as
waterfalls ..isn´t it wonderful?
Rap with no gun, but made to bring fun.. like carnival..
but as we all know it´s immpossible…
we all live for the payment
to be heard means to get under enternaiment..
we must mix the real coffee with a cream.
i better waek up.. but wasn´t it…. Nice dream???

Přidal: ema dne 08. 03. 2006 v 07:46.
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