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Gipsy - Chavale Romale - text písně

Texty písní » Gipsy - Chavale Romale

Gipsy - stát se fanouškem

Chavale romale listen me now
if you listen than you just get down
move to the beat and follow me
from the east to west side league
better than jager, hasek and nedved
kickin a ball with empty stomach
trick and point and bring a plus
we are the gipsies dont fuck wit us!
we run away from wild Czech
nobody there is likin that
Gipsies, stealin, drug dealin
and livin for grant hand in hand
with nemakachenko, workless
somebody stop these gipsies emigratin to ya
hopeless and homeless, black to black
you have ya nigaz and now like that?
god and damn, of course say no
gipsies don´t know whats casino
they don´t listen a classic rock
NHL´s got enough of pucks
you don´t have place like gipsy blockom
send their asses back where they came from
best ot turn back ´em now
chavale romale let´s get down..


chavale, romale, let´s get down
gipsies are heavy and lost from now
every nation to us say no
nobody like us so we gotta go.. (x2)

See and eye, pee, es, and why?
why don´t you try Gipsy pie?
steak made from a basset haund
don´t you be bashful, eat, chill out.
pins or breast? till it is hot!
don´t look at us like "are you nut?"
or you don´t eat a meal from dog?
of course we too, it´s vension, you punks!!
kiddin you killin you bing and bang
don´t be afraid of a gipsy thang
we do not bit, we came to play
makin ya contry just little more amaze
C and I G A and N
just let us step in ya area men..
you gonna like us, all our chapters
and we got so beautiful girls!!
chavale romale, don´t be afraid
I´ll make ´em confused you just wait
of course I don´t say true to them
we hate workin, god, jesus, and damn
i hate ´em same as they hate me
gispies come to occupate ya country
kidiin you, white.. ok we go..
i was just tryin to change ya no..


Přidal: ema dne 08. 03. 2006 v 07:42.
Počet zobrazení: 714 (0).

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