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Gipsy - Blue Pearl - text písně

Texty písní » Gipsy - Blue Pearl

Gipsy - stát se fanouškem

verse 1

I was borned by sun vine ..and the Gaya
testify we draw to a close times of Zion
babylon big you pray to, you pall to, i show to
ready to fall like iHiroshima in a war 2
i´m prophet of the past, warrior of present
hasn´t been noiseless but in a form to be in prism
like yell breaks to spectrum i come in many principles
unseen unfanding till you end to think technical
Blue Pearl...(woe)
if you trust the men, cuz the moon is in an arm, mum..
whole universe is comming to stop the men
we get ready to war with no equipment
but i have to end a slavery, than my life is a price
gimme pancake of Anubis, I´ll finish my life
cuz liberty rides me to the source of mystery
how gods see my life like a price..

depose us, spy metropoles, milenium´s gone
guilty all arouse the war carry around on

spread me with bomb no matter if i sulk gun talk kill all outlaws or inlaws
you stick into my home like i´m conspirator
i hoped that we worst in this great universe
you misused me, my love was used in sin ways
i hoped in save but i betraied..


Blue Pearl, woe to you
run hide, i warn you
whole universe comes to you
blue pearl, it´s woe to you...
woe to you..

verse 2

mother Earth so raped crying for disrespect
i hear anthem of death, it looks bad instead
of a trumph we going to dreadful decades, dismay
desponding we break to be routed for all days
prophets like me - fuck up, we kill ya dreams
we came to prophesy the truth, positive or negative
but maybe better be we never born of course
leaving you alone in last days they comes..
who knows? I know! my eyes can´t be blind
i was borned to see how you all die, oh my..
damn all, the secret goverment made us lost
you saw my cover body but you can´t ghost
i´m damnation same as i was born like a cigan
in Czech region, but many other lyrics dissected give sign to ya own destruction
phenomenom of me that i can´t resign my function..


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