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Dungeon Family - Six Minutes (dungeon Family It's On) - text písně

Texty písní » Dungeon Family - Six Minutes (dungeon Family It's On)

Dungeon Family - stát se fanouškem

Six Minutes (Dungeon Family It's On)
[Big Rube]
360 seconds it's on
Unlimited firsts, from calibers unknown
Come wit it in ya verse, or take a job and stay gone
I don't care if it's rehearsed or off the top of your dome
With this specified time, you can do as you please
Make a discision to create life, or spred death and disease
We got 360 degrees of emcees
That make these rap niggaz sound like they swangin from trees
Everythang from brain food, to puttin broads on they knees
We do it all for the love and never all for the cheese

[Big Boi]
HOT tub.. Bubbling like warm water call me, HOT tub
Cut your wife and daughter like a meat cleaver
We be the, Dungeon Family
Niggaz up under the step from A-T-L to overstand me
D-F, is the clique that I represent
Puffin purple, poppin poppers, spittin straight pimp shit

[Big Gipp]
Conversation without compensation, we sensed it
It's not to mention yo' girl, your persistant in
Nothin physical happened but give me six minutes
When ya off, somebody gonna fit in it
Say no names, wear my hair longer than your first strang
Yo' girl wish she was drafted for the Georgia Drill Team
But I ain't gon' say no more
You need to catch somebody else I'm 'bout to hit the door

Six minutes, six minutes
Six minutes, Dungeon Family you're on
Six minutes, six minutes
Six minutes, Dungeon Family you're on

Fine lil' mama, my home gon' be a palace
Laid out like a salad, keep a nigga from malace
I'm movin things to the south
A dog like me need a pussycat 'round the house, with a row bone
Ain't nothin like me and you baby with no clothes on
I'm tired of runnin the streets all night
And a girlfriend ain't gon' stay down witcha like a wife
I can't let all you girls get to my head
Cuz you know what I want between them legs

[Cool Breeze]
Hey I'm just walkin outta Foot Locker
Strollin through Greenbriar
Stepped in the food court, just gonna but a bean pot
Ay Cool Cool Cutta (Cool) Cut her to the finch
If a girl gotta future behind her, I'm up in it
And I like a pretty lady with a tailback mouth
Cuz if you hit the right spot, she'll go back runnin her mouth
Now everytime I meet a girl, she puttin her hand in her purse
And when my next record drop, I ain't wearin no shirt
Let's do it


[Hook 2]
Ooh ooh oh, ooh ooh oh
Ooh oh-oh-oh-oh ooh ooh oh
Ooh ooh oh, ooh ooh oh
Ooh oh-oh-oh-oh ooh ooh oh

Hats off, nigga can we put a fist in 'fore we handle business?
Hallelujah! For the bank
Benzes, houses, Hummers, tanks and all that
Gon' SEE, that they meet shack in the end
The world was my enemy, that's who was my friends
On the strong delucious
Unstoppable, followin the tradition of men
Can't say "Aww look at that man"
"He's too dirty for industry" Dead ass, or is he!!

5 minutes and 59 seconds gone by
Are you really ready for this lyrical high?
We can shoot without bullets, DF to the fullest
Should it, ever come to light
It's true art, not hype
Come strong, take the mic, make sure it's tight
I rock a party all night
With my team on the right, straight ready for the
Lights, camera, action, Ms. Jackon!


Introdu..Introdu..Introducing ice cold water
We stay sharp as a broke glass bottle
Just as sure as four quarters make a dollar
Ten dimes do too and I ain't take none shorter
Pay attention to every quote we say
Cuz I got this here like it's in stores today
Holla.. Ready to rock, when he step on the scene
Cuz shorty stay clean like, shicka-ding shicka-ding

Well I can be that, and you need that, freaky D that
And if you want your monologue and open come and seek me
A few done fried man, or we can bligh man
I'm the guy that kill ya cat and, I dare you to defy me
If you can time me, I promise in 60 seconds
You'll be intriged and overwhelmed and obligated to rewind me
That reminds me, and my name is the divinely
Human Cee, and I hope you had a freaky time fuckin with me

[Hook 2]

[Repeat both Hooks 2x]

Přidal: Larius dne 05. 03. 2006 v 21:10.
Počet zobrazení: 214 (0).

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