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Dungeon Family - Excalibur - text písně

Texty písní » Dungeon Family - Excalibur

Dungeon Family - stát se fanouškem

[Big Rube]
Ask not what the Family can do for you
Ask only what you can do for the Family

[Big Gipp]
This is my pledge
This is my pledge to we, and all those that come after

Let's talk about it, 'posed to assimilate insincupate
Euphoric you raw superstations, appear with information
Hesitation, metaphoric in a solid state of logic
Focusin on, me and the Family, gawkin
Parallel parkin was an artform
Atilla the Hun, school that I wrote to write
Spoke for some to speak, provided copperstone
Stole to steal parone, cut the heart up out of Caesar
I protect the Black Madonna shrine from seizures
I survived the 80's child killings
Excruciating pain like a root canal without a filling
Forever we, pillars in this stature
In this ASCAP rapture
Wordplay that will snatch ya, mangle ya mind
Signed upper bull pull, I relinquish
To become forever more excaliber
To become forever more excaliber

[Big Rube]
Caliber unknown - infinite in stature
Indiscriminate fracture - sindicated rapture
Indicated capture - sincupated nature
Defeated we raise the wager
No secret, I hate the majors
But they major players - so I'm a gladiatin
Not so glad we waitin - niggaz is graduatin
Fuck what flag we wavin - kids is misbehavin
Parents is worse than Satan - apparently church is pagan
Sworn away my freedom, through words that sing my freedom
Rebirth the world of the Earth in intent to spin my freedom
Prepared to defend the next-us
Didn't get in for no Lexus
Didn't get on through connections
or to get off my erection
Fuck the soft and the wetness
Luck is lost in election
Bucket that caused the detection
Sent to impossible rections
Still to much to achieve - we build to much to believe
Fear to much to recieve - appear before you achieve

[Hook - 2X]
We are the few
We are the strong
We are the proud holders of the ex-caliber!
We are the few
We are the strong
We are the proud holders of the ex-caliber!

Guess I was (?) sworn
Promise to make it show that, the legend of Dungeon live on
Even knowledge I known and heights I flown
I alone can't snatch the sword up out the stone
The charged chasities here, have to cock outta fear
Matter of fact, I (?)
Lyric far, witness to suck the star
May the force be with us, for we are!

[Hook - 2X]

Eyes'll have you so puffed up
Until you eventually flow up
and bust on their or buck to their (?)
Drag the slayer, oh we ain't forgot about you playa
You still don't weigh enough
I gotcha beat off the rip
From the jump, keep it still to relapse on that junk
Pump fake, off ya feet --
Fall on this sword ya beat with eggs on ya face
Amazing Grace, how sweet it is
The shit we spit, thicker still
Niggaz don't deserve to live
It's gettin so goosy,
where a girl can kill her baby the next day by takin a pill
Breakin off beat, when they blow the horns
They open up the rest of them seals
Out wit yo' head, for not keepin the ears real
Walkin through the valley of the drop
Bone! Lookin for my damn drone!
Where ya at? I see ya! I see ya!
Come on let's get 'em dawg come on!

If I got one my nigga you got one
He got one - they got one
Them motherfuckers gon' make them a damn gun

[Hook - 2X]

[instrumental to fade]

Přidal: Larius dne 05. 03. 2006 v 21:08.
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