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Battlelore - Into The New World - text písně

Texty písní » Battlelore - Into The New World

Battlelore - stát se fanouškem

Into The New World

New shores of the lesser men, brave journey to the unknown land
Sealords from the Western Star, endowed the havens afar

Dark reign of the East, beware our gleaming might
The crimson day will come, when there's no one by your side

High command, counsel and wealth, masters beyond the sea
Guardians carrying the swords, armours against treachery
Great kings brought the sun over the frightened lands
Blew away the blurking clouds, spoiled the Ring Maker's plans

The aura of tranquility, everywhere they go
Advanced art and craft, wisdom for mind and soul
Firm is their bearing, healers for the weak
Like gods in flesh and blood, fathers and sons from the sea

We are the protectors from the given land
Isle of the dreamers, made by divine hands
We shall free you from the threat and the fear
Of immortal enemy, his end is near

Our duty is to gather our arms, to take the Eastern road
And to challenge the dark, our pleasure is to force Him down
To make Him crawl and to tear His crown

This is the war, this is the path of blood
Lord of Gifts, your star shall fall
This is the end, this is the freedom call
Of men and elves, this is Your final dawn

Přidal: Ondra dne 19. 05. 2007 v 18:24.
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