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Battlelore - We Are The Legions - text písně

Texty písní » Battlelore - We Are The Legions

Battlelore - stát se fanouškem

We Are The Legions

We are the legions of the damned, the legions of saints
Together as one we stand, we are the legions of light
The legions of dark, together we shall arise

We will cast the spell on you, charm your soul for good
Join us and share the glory, from every battle we ever fight
Side by side we hold the line

We are the legions of doom, the legions of hope
Together we triumph and mourn
We are the legions of all, the legions of gods
Defy our strength and you shall fall

We hold the bridge over the bourn
Wield the keys and guard the gates
We shall reform the laws
Shape the future and the faith

New creation in our order, we set the dawn and the rise again
Night and day, all the seasons
Changes when ever we say
Crush the betrayals, hunt them down
Together we are strong enough to drown
All the infidels in their own blood
We are the legions, we are the gods

Přidal: Ondra dne 19. 05. 2007 v 18:23.
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