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Afu-Ra - Monotony - text písně

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Afu-Ra - stát se fanouškem


[Hook 4X: samples scratched by DJ Premier]
"Uprising surprising"
"Knowledge wisdom understanding"

Smooth like Johnny Cochran, I keep it movin through Brooklyn
Base against the hymn, brings the sweat to the skin
Reminisce of the days as a shorty
Had no stress, no bills, was comin for me
I lived it up, yeah, money ain't a thing
Never thought twice on what my future bring
Role models, naw I thought nothing of it
Eyes fixed on skies and planes fly high above it
Summer's comin, September's middle school
Mom Dukes mad strict, she'll never raise a fool
I'm comin up, clean the dirty from the ghetto
So we can plant some seeds and watch them grow

Right, knowledge wisdom understanding rules, right
Everybody got to pay the dues, right
Knowledge, wisdom understanding rules
Everybody got to pay the dues

Tripped up by bad luck, 16 years and buck
I realized the world might end, not givin up
Stickin up, runnin up, comin up
Turn it up, I see signs of blowin up
Study life in every facet of my trainin
We need masters in biology, zoology
To overtake, Illuminati trick-nology
Transform, reciprocate your mental state
Now make a date to overtake your objective
Show that through light, that everything is connected
But not in categories, that's the Devil's story
Symbols of cannibalism, ruin your vision
The thoughts formulate in your mind with no precision
So reenact, a rebirth, now you're the Phoenix
When shorties see it, now that's the time they believe it
Achieve it, your goals in life, don't be a casualty
Infinite and intricate, monument

"Knowledge wisdom understanding"


Right, knowledge wisdom understanding, rules

"Uprising, surprising"

I know the next millennium seems like it's cursed
That's why I have to rehearse
Tune my physical, mental spits the lyrical
It's so essential, transcends thoughts I'm into
As we continue, touch rhyme styles I'm into
All grown up, Junior High to 25
A made man, tight connection with my brothers
Bridgin gaps, dodgin traps with my raps
Signs you're followin, shed more light
Then a halogen, take a step back, now who you followin?

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 4X]

Přidal: Z U P A dne 19. 04. 2005 v 00:13.
Počet zobrazení: 128 (2).

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