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Afu-Ra - Caliente - text písně

Texty písní » Afu-Ra - Caliente

Afu-Ra - stát se fanouškem


Intro: Rasheedah]
Desfrutar de ti
Hmm, oh, yeah yeah yeah
Oh, oh

You know I'm comin though hotter, drip sweat meltin ya collar
Afu-Ra takin care like I'm ya father
Some call me papa, through I'm rollin wit the rastas
Straight up and down, I'm like the sauce over the pasta
I'm well connected, to all my people's doin salsa
One of my trademarks, you'll catch me drinkin Malta
You need some paprika to freak the
I let you know I came through just to reach ya
I do it one more time, bless this feature
Will take with nothin unlike, self I mover
I heat it right up, burnin like it's lava
Test you leavin wit hoes like Godfather
Sounds soakin off honeys like it was lather
Study lessons and plant seeds to nurture
Praise due to this, show and prove with this
Knowledge yourself, Life Force'll make you move with this

[Chorus: Rasheedah]
No hay nada, que me sostenga
Yo estoy lista, para desfrutar de ti
Quiero tu calor, arridedor, de me ser
Oh, oh, oh, there's just nothin that can keep me from you, you, you
There's just nothin, when all I want...

Sound Bombing number one right, hate blow it like it's dynamite
Destined too keep ya molecules shakin right
Flippin my script as if I was a gymnast
I'm fusin coast's together like I'm a chemist
A yo, you leavin the party yo I ain't finished
A dred shakin so hearty so what's your business
You callin my cell phone, sayin who is this
I throw to down to expand my interest
I take it higher, to master engraver
You know the chicas want that papi chulo flavor
I do it for the north south east west behavior
Wait a minute, hold up yo, yo there go my pager
Beeper beepin, ringin comin from my celli
If ya ever had days like this, then tell me
Praise due to this, show and prove with this
Knowledge yourself, Life Force'll make you move with this


Přidal: Z U P A dne 19. 04. 2005 v 00:03.
Počet zobrazení: 154 (1).

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