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Zuzana Smatanová - Angry - text písně

Texty písní » Zuzana Smatanová - Angry

Zuzana Smatanová - stát se fanouškem

text/hudba : Zuzana Smatanová

She left the restaurant with high bill in hand she was in hurry, she couldn´t miss her important job in a bank she aimed at the car, but she noticed that another car crashed at hers suddenly she was surprised...
but there was standing young man who started to sorry her about that accident - she smiled, she had good mood,they shook with hands...
No she wasn´t angry, she was glad that she met simple handsome man, who was in panic
No she wasn´t angry, he suggested her meeting with lunch
No she wasn´t angry, angry...

They met at the same restaurant, it seemed they fell in love each other their love became obvious...
She invited him later for a Chinese supper - he agreed she prepared table, candles and food she was waitig in an evening robe, walking through the house impatient, but than he called her, he would not come...
It was too little to be angry, simply she thought that he had more important things that she was!
/it was/ too little to be angry, but she was sad, that again and again
she´d stay alone, no matter, maybe next time...angry, angry...

Following night they spent in his flat, but morning she found a little message with flower at the phone:
" feel like at home, you know I love you, love you..."
but suddenly the phone starded to go -
there was a crying little child:
" daddy come home,we need you,mother is ill we love you so!"...
She packed all of her things and wrote him :" silly liar, traitor!"
He found it and did not understand, he thought:
Why she was so angry? maybe it was just a little joke of hers
Why she was so angry? maybe she met somebody "kind" who told her the truth of mine...
Why she was so angry, angry, angry?

She was staring on the restaurant after long time where they met at first time - it was on Sunday afternoon...
He was walking by with his family, of course he didn´t know that she saw him - maybe he forgot about her...
She was so infatuated of love, but she was convinced that they would be simply together, but she was sadly mistaken!
That´s why she was so angry...
That´s why she was so angry, angry, angry...
That´s why she was so angry

Přidal: Markétka dne 13. 09. 2005 v 21:35.
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