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Yello - Rock Stop - text písně

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Yello - stát se fanouškem

I'm dancing like a mad man
I hope she likes-a me
The chance to be just on my own
I wanna silly be

The club is full of people
Perhaps they think I'm mad
I close my eyes and I go home
I feel a little sad

I just can't dance
My only chance

I'm shy... shy... oh so shy

The girls don't like the way I move
I think at times I've lost it
Do I look like I can't move
Or do I move exhausted

If I just knew she loves me
I know I wouldn't care
But she talks to the barman
And I think that's unfair


I'm sad.. sad... oh so sad

And now that girl moves close to me
I join into her move
Pretending I enjoy it
And now I lost the groove

One guy stands tho', between us
Shows up with all his power
I now feel like an idiot
Who stands in a cold shower


The barman stares at me
So? so drink
Then turns around
And pours a wink

I move away
But play it cool
I think she's right
I'm just a fool


I'm shy... shy... oh so shy

Přidal: DJ OTTA dne 14. 03. 2006 v 15:31.
Počet zobrazení: 229 (0).

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