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Underworld - Little Speaker - text písně

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Underworld - stát se fanouškem

did you get the "instrumento"?
very racy, he he he he
the face is thinking hmm, shmm, hmm
things like that, yeah, yeah do you "Que?", i dont think so, no,
actually i think you do have, oh god, your looking well man, i dunno, i dunno, i haven't weighed, err, weighed, i never weigh myself, maybe it is haa, err its weird, do you
oh well, no i do, its, its strange, ive just got some kind of weird growing disease, but i do i feel, haa, i feel like im still growing sometimes, if i really stand up straight, i just go fucking hell, i didnt use to be that tall
listen, erm,
"Que?", "Que?", "Que?"
its still there you know
"Que?", "Que?"
yeah go, i won't

Přidal: dne 05. 03. 2006 v 18:03.
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