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Twista - Back To The Basics - text písně

Texty písní » Twista - Back To The Basics

Twista - stát se fanouškem

Back To The Basics

I'm about to take everybody back to the basics
I'ma...oracle even is about to occur
Because a mother fucker put these rappers in the matrix
And I'ma tell em when I spittin those tracks in for the hatred

But there is beauty in the dark
Just put it into your mouth and the flow is mmm
Like that when you taste it
Com'on niggers like a disciple of death
You may think of poppin'(rifle) attack
I may be right for your neck
Your mother may as well call a funeral house
So she can write them a check - (a violent) dialect

So how you feelin' me the trilogy
The horror is what to be gone
So they'll be calling me Jason ..
Ops I mean Jason More Cheese
Niggers got to pay some more fees
Hard enough to put it with the .. from another planet
I can live from...to
A comet will hit the planet with a ... rocket
Swallow you with (diobolical astonisher)
Astronomer because I'm out in the Galaxy
Challenge me I put a ... watch your body like
Follow you to a corridor at four in the morning
So I can horrify you right before I slaughter you

My boys sayin' that they think I'm coming with (dough)
So you know I got to give them all
Then I'ma be, murderer like a serial killer
Then I hide em in the ceiling or in the wall, fuck them all

Niggers are never gonna be next to this
I (gotta roll supafly to wrist)
I'm gonna blow up the city
Your place and throw up shit in your face
Like the (ecstasy) you can't (mess) with this

Now let's take shit back to the basics
How we used to do shit
With the original sound
And still somehow come on with that new shit
Talk about the way ... respect in the streets no more

Don't call with the heat no more
'Cause I'm really get up and eat no more

Nowadays niggers are acting like a love in the dime
Used to be some respect
But now they just kill by mistake
Because Benjamin Franklin is driving them nuts
Theoratically you better be a head of everybody you... 'cause that nigger might fuck you
Don't need to ... of the killer in your family that..surround you
'Cause the nigger might touch you
System recession ... hard in the streets
So a nigger comes hard on the beats
No order in the hood
I remember when niggers were given too
And they were happy to take problems ..
Now they don't give a fuck who they be shootin or who they be robbin and what you are
Now they only care if you got that
And if you love one of these ... bitches
You're sitting on ...motherfuckers as gonna be at that

South side murderer
Is the west side killer

Up north and over east
It's a beast what they release
Believin you decease
Fuck up anybody that tries to do demos
That (rock us) the planet and show desease to
So I carry a piece
But I don't wanna shoot
Because I gonna see some niggers locked up in jail (home)
Instead I had ... em on a cell phone
"R.I.P" cause... brother real gone

So I'll carry a piece
But I don't wanna shut it
'Cause I already seen some niggers .. in jail
Instead I had them on a cell phone
I be .. brother well gone
Got to show a different way to give it
Instead of being...type full of hatred
Or get smacked in face with
To reality if (we don't feel to) get back to the basics


I'm about to take everybody back to the basics
I'ma...oracle even is about to occur
Because I mother fucker put these rappers in the matrix

Přidal: Ornela dne 13. 12. 2010 v 00:35.
Počet zobrazení: 79 (0).

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