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Tori Amos - Mrs. Jesus - text písně

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Tori Amos - stát se fanouškem

life lines and suicide crimes --
he found me in a state
grabbed my purse and hitched a ride
with a mrs. jesus "how you been"
i've been cruisin' a good invention
but in some ways
i don't think it gets any easier
your walking on the water
bit by far my favourite one,
but now it seems we're drowning
in a drop of water love
and even as i'm climbing up the stairs
i know there's heaven there
and then empty arms that comes
with the morning star
well, made my bed of
cut roses by understanding
that the cause
it just comes first
with my mrs. jesus
the gospel changes meaning
if you follow john or paul
and could you ever let it be
the mary of it all
and even as i'm climbing up the stairs
well, life lines and suicide crimes
there's the something every day
and there's someone always paging
my mrs. jesus
your walking on the water
so if you get the jones at the crossroad
the personals are great
if you're my way
let me love you mrs. jesus

Přidal: dne 14. 03. 2006 v 10:44.
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