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The Clash - Spanish Bombs - text písně

Texty písní » The Clash - Spanish Bombs

The Clash - stát se fanouškem

Spanish songs in Andalucia
The shooting sites in the days of '3 9
Oh, please, leave the ventana open
Fredrico Lorca is dead and gone
Bullet holes in the cemetery walls
The black cars of the Guardia Civil
Spanish bombs on the Costa Rica
I'm flying in a DC 10 tonight

[ Chorus]
Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito
yo te quiero oh mi corazó n
Spanish bombs, yo te quiero infinito
yo te quiero oh mi corazó n

Spanish weeks in my disco casino
The freedom fighters died upon the hill
They sang the red flag
They wore the black one
But after they died it was Mockingbird Hill
Back home the buses went up in flashes
The Irish tomb was drenched in blood
Spanish bombs shatter the hotels
My senorita's rose was nipped in the bud

[ Chorus]

The hillsides ring with " Free the people"
Or can I hear the echo from the days of '3 9?
With trenches full of poets
The ragged army, fixin' bayonets to fight the other line
Spanish bombs rock the province
I'm hearing music from another time
Spanish bombs on the Costa Brava
I'm flying in on a DC 10 tonight

[ Chorus]
Spanish songs in Andalucia, Mandolina, oh mi corazon
Spanish songs in Granada, oh mi corazon

Přidal: Ondra dne 29. 08. 2007 v 20:46.
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