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Tamyra Gray - Good Ol´days - text písně

Texty písní » Tamyra Gray - Good Ol´days

Tamyra Gray - stát se fanouškem

It's summertime, it's so hot
I'm wearing shorts a tank top and flip flops
I see birds flying in the blue sky
And marshmallow clouds floatin' by
School's out so it's the weekend everyday
From sun-up to sun-down in the hood we play
Our block party's jammin off the chain
We're lined up dancin' like we're on soul train
The live band sounds so good to me
With Derrick thumpin the bass
And Todd ticklin keys
Laron and Pat both droppin the beat
While Meshun and his boys supply the harmony
I wish this day didn't have to end
But 2morrow will come and we'll do it again

Let's take it back to the ol' days
When Mamma jammed to the OJay's
While cookin' breakfast on a Saturday
Those were the good ol' days

Let's take it back to the ol' days
When Daddy barbequed on Sunday
And Livin' life was just so easy
Those were the good ol' days

I still like fresh sweats, dreads and adidas
Boy, I only smiled just
2 let you know I see ya
I was the kinda girl
Who liked all the bad boys
When I was young
I lived for the fun and the
Joy my life brought, then
Life, was so carefree
And now that I'm grown
I wish I could go back to when
We would play hide and seek
Watch Schoolhouse Rock on tv
Fat Albert and Prince were my two favorite things
And "My Adidas" by Run DMC

We're takin it back y'all
2 the place
When the cabbage patch rocked y'all
And the year
Was 1985 y'all
So go back in time with me


Přidal: Ondra dne 11. 11. 2005 v 12:06.
Počet zobrazení: 107 (1).

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