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Spice Girls - Lady Is A Vamp - text písně

Texty písní » Spice Girls - Lady Is A Vamp

Spice Girls - stát se fanouškem

Elvis was a coola shaker
Marlay, Ziggy Melody Maker
She's a bond babe, kick some ass
Doctor No this girl's got class
Charlie's Angels, Girls on top
Handbags, heels their pistols rock
Baby Love are so glam queen
Sing the blues a love supreme
Sixties Twiggy set the pace
Way back then she had the face

That's all in the past, legends built to last
But she's got something new
She's a power girl in a 90's world
And she knows just what to do

Cus the lady is a vamp, she's a vixen not a tramp
She's a dadadadada da daaaaa
Come on fellas place your bets cos you ain't seen nothing yet
She's the talk of the town she's the best yes

Jackie O we loved her so
So did Mr President as far has we know
Norma Jean had a 7 year itch
Some like it hot to a fever pitch
Sandy, Danny summer love
pink ladies t-birds the moon above

That's all in the past, legends built to last
But she's got something new
She's a power girl in a 90's world
Shes a down town swinging duuuude


Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh, Sporty yes now that's your lot
We're the spice girls ready to go
Ladies and gents can you please take your seats
And we hope that you enjoy the shooooooooooooooow

ginger aka geri:Thank you very much

Přidal: Mishak dne 03. 07. 2005 v 13:07.
Počet zobrazení: 114 (0).

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