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Rednex - Mckenzie Brothers Ii - text písně

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Rednex - stát se fanouškem

After the final battle , two miles north of Dog Head City,
just where the river breaks up in to thoose beautiful cascades

before it melts in to Rickies Lake,
the McKenzie Brothers just captured the town.

They went to a saloon near the court,
several pigs and chickens where occupeing the floor,
and what some dirty men did....well, I'll leave that for others to tell.
Gouvernant Brunte and his wife Labradora-Beth
placed on stools hanging on the bar trying to
avoid the brothers by looking in another direction.

Among the other places they took care of - to say the least,
were the bank, the library which was burned down,
and the jailhouse was left in ruins.

The very next day a telegram reaches the lokal post office.
It said: the U.S Cavalery is moving south to solve the problem
with the McKenzie klan. Bountyhunters where now seen all over the town.
After having read the telegram Jack gathered the McKenzie klan .

Next destination: The cathouse in El Paso, we better split town immediately.
They got to cross the Mexican border. That is their only chance to survive.
Government set out a nation wide order: Bring the McKenzies dead or alive.

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