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Pretty Ricky - Get You Right - text písně

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Pretty Ricky - stát se fanouškem

Yeah Yeah Yeah
Baby let me lay ya down
On the carpet when I come round
Forget rubbers when I tear ya down
On the ground all I wanna hear is that ooh ahh sound
I'ma push up on ya slow
Get ya right by the end of the night
Do something sweet
Like massage ya feet
And put Pretty Ricky cd on repeat
Then get a ice cream and put in work
Go to the kitchen for a lil' dessert
I love butter pecan ice cream
Eat cake but I lick off the icing
Nice scene and relaxing
I'm guaranteeing satisfaction
Give you fast or slow back action
Depending on your reaction girl

It's seven in the evening
And everybody's leaving
I decided to stay in
I just felt like chilling
And I wandered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just wanna see your pretty face

All I'd like to do
Is lay with you tonight
I don't wanna hit the club
I wanna lay ya
(And when I come over)
I'll get you right
(I will)
Get you right
(I will)
Get you right
We can do anything that you wanna do
And before I go home
I'll get you right

I pictured me holding you
I pictured you holding me
We can watch a movie girl
I just bought some brand new dvd's
And I wandered if you felt the same
Just say the word, I'll be on my way
I'm just a few, few blocks away
I just wanna see your pretty face


When I leave my house
I hope that you'll be looking for me
And you'll be waiting for me
Cause I will
I'll be speeding on the way
And when I get there
I'll get you right

You called my phone and told me
"Baby come through"
I said unlock the door
And I'll be there in a few
Brought "Love and Basketball"
and ordered some food
Now it's time to do
All the things that you wanna do boo
Open the door, look it back
And head into the room
Pop in a movie, hit the lights
And lay next to you
Cuddle under the covers
Kissing and hugging
While I get you right
Forget the club and going out
Baby I'm spending the night

It feel like heaven when I'm with ya
Baby I just wanna chill with ya
Spend some time with ya
Wine and dine with ya
My mind painting a beatiful picture
Me and you spending cutie
On the low key, baby we overseas
Knocking boots like H-town
You holding me girl
You got me feenin' like Jodeci
This is where I wanna be
With you screaming
We out here so what they do
Cause baby I'm so in love with ya
Everywhere I go I got your picture
Baby I miss ya
I just wanna spend some time with ya


Přidal: DJ OTTA dne 08. 06. 2005 v 06:23.
Počet zobrazení: 127 (0).

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