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Periphery - Ragnarok - text písně

Texty písní » Periphery - Ragnarok

Periphery - stát se fanouškem

Album: Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
Poznámka: vydáno/Veröffentlichung: 7/2012

Forty days and nights I've spent alone
The shadow hungry angel inside of me grows cold
Bloodshed on my mind
A slave to these walls
Get away from the life sucking call
Set me free

Grant a pardon for the meddling soul
The lives of the fallen deserve to take the spirits toll
Within the asylum of a guilty fucking conscience
I feel the presence of insanity creep up my spine
To lock me away in this hell

Death has made it's abode on my shoulders
It clings to the bottom of my ninja turtley
Within ascendance I shall relive the slaughtering
You'll sing to the dirt, praying for the break of dawn

Night will bring the presence of a ravenous demon
Setting out to terrify
Soul destructive like imploding stars
There's nothing but the darkness to guide the way
There's nothing left inside

Scald the inside
Fold the endless search within you
Scale the insight, for the day it lies before us
Somewhere in time
Off in the distance we can see
Shining, clear, our demise to be
We're not listening to ourselves

Somewhere in time
We welcomed in the midnight leave
But in the distance we can see
Shining, clear, our demise to be
We're not listening to ourselves

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