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Onyx - 2 Wrongs - text písně

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Onyx - stát se fanouškem

2 Wrongs

Bottomline, overall we gotta get this motherfuckin cash!
No doubt man, that's what I'm sayin man
Illuminati I heard they tryin to really just hold shit down
They tryin to shut us down God!
They tryin to shut us down, cause we rock, on the low

[Sticky Fingaz]
Two wrongs don't make it right but it damn sure make us even (7X)

Verse One: Fredro Starr

FUCK PEACE I want justice
I'ma nigga with a gun and the right, mind to bust this
Fuck this - I'm mad at the world and hell, I got a vengeance
My first offense, I caught the life or death, sentence
The real black homies in jail, pull out protection
It's killin me, callin these facilities, correction
System that is scared of us, come on my fellow prisoners
Time to go to war; we'll be dead at least they listen to us
Time to get the Tec, and go step, to the President
U.S.G., citizen, fuck American, resident!
And nnyyaaa, I gotta seek your betterment
Isaac, slayed, for all my niggaz who got HANGED!
{*DJ cuts and scratches "So throw ya gunz in the.."*}
They said "Throw Ya Gunz" was negative, I say FUCK THEM!
They the ones who put the guns in the ghetto for destruction
This is depression, deception, killin our own complexion
What we need to do, is point the guns, in the right direction

[Sticky Fingaz]
Two wrongs don't make it right but it damn sure make us even (4X)

Verse Two: Sonsee

Yo it's only gettin worse, I'ma person controvers'
And tell you where I'm from, is the savage redman curse
I'm the illest, the biggest, experiment
What are we getting ?? in a cage in the projects
cause we the ones that's been in it
They gave us guns and drugs, and watch us bug and rub
each other out (STOP) doin what they love
(NOW) retaliate, it's time to get big, and bombard
And flip this shit, like Fruit of the Gods
(THEY SAY) we got the animal mentality
Show em the raw reality (IF YOU REAL) you ain't mad at me
But if you is, SO THE FUCK WHAT?
Me and my peeps, came to claim, the brown man's cut
which was really ours, this the hour
Better do what I do, fuck those nuclear powers!
They're beat, we gotta form our own crop
Dominate, infiltrate, and feel great til it burns down
And when it burns, it's goin up in blazes
Look at it go, where it shoulda fuckin been

[Sticky Fingaz]
Two wrongs don't make it right but it damn sure make us even (8X)

Verse Three: Sticky Fingaz

I have a dream, that I must reveal
So I pinch myself to make sure it's real
First we gotta destroy and then rebuild
Even if it mean that I'ma get myself killed
Don't make me no difference, I done wrote my will
And talk about, what they did to us is dumb
What we NEED to be talkin bout, is what we gonna do to them!
{*clapping*} I can be dangerous, the last thing I do
when I start speaking in tongues the Holy Ghost couldn't save you
So do you want answers? (Yeah I want answers, I want the truth!)
You want the truth? You couldn't HANDLE the truth!
Cause they got our brains-washed, so we the minority
But when we kill them off we're gonna be the majority (PREACH ON)
See I was raised to fight for what I believe in
I wont forget, can't forget, I'm tryin to get EVEN!
And if nobody speak up, then I'll lead my people
Cause two wrongs don't make it right, but it damn sure make us equal
I'm incitin riots, so let's start the lootin
And whoever enforce the laws I guess we'll just got to shoot them
Cause in this revolution I loathe my enemy
I'm agnostic plus I got no identity
So lovers of life don't keep your hopes up high (WHY?)
Cause it's just a matter of time before it's your turn to die
But until then, when you stop breathin
It's time to stand up and fight for what you believe in!!!!!

[Sticky Fingaz]
Two wrongs don't make it right but it damn sure make us even (8X)

Přidal: Ondra dne 22. 02. 2005 v 16:33.
Počet zobrazení: 254 (0).

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