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Norah Jones - Until The End - text písně

Texty písní » Norah Jones - Until The End

Norah Jones - stát se fanouškem

you've got a famous last name
but you're not to blame
baby i see you for who you are

a one time apple queen,
and a one time tramp,
and an old time movie star.

you're a shell picker,
of the pickiest kind,
but you always find the ones to keep.

and in or out of bed,
you keep you're head wide open,
'cause ya don't only dream when you're asleep.

like a child ... you remember,
but i forget ... all my dreams.

i used to think,
that someday i'd relax a little,
and be more like you.

then i realized,
how silly that thought was,
needed to stand in my own shoes.

and from over here,
i can see you cry,
don't even try ... to pretend.

'cause he's hurt you,
so many times,
baby don't go back again.

like a child, you forget,
but i remember everything..and every sting.

and through all the games,
we'll both stay the same,
as we've always been,
through the fat and thin,
until the end,
until the end.

Přidal: dne 07. 01. 2007 v 14:42.
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