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Nivea - Okay Remix - text písně

Texty písní » Nivea - Okay Remix

Nivea - stát se fanouškem

Had to do a remix for the Westside Pimp


Listen now shorty peep this
My girls and me on the phone
Say hit em' with that remix and say
Okay (okay) Okay (okay) Okay (okay)
Okay (okay) Shotay
So spin it back Mr. DJ
And hit that radio station tell em' to replay that,
Okay (okay) Okay (okay) Okay (okay) Okay (okay)

Verse 1:

I see you watching me, looking like you wanna be all up on me
Those rims all looking clean, and I cant egnore you baby
And I'd be wasting my time, you betta make up your mind
Come here and talk to me, make me feel a one of a kind
This is for them girls who stay fly, stay fly, make them boys say ya' so fly, so fine
22's on that 05 that 05, get that red cup in the sky and raise it high


Verse 2:

Bartender, where's my drink, Im tryna get to the floo now
Turn that blue into green, incredable ready to go now
My girls got them flyers, them fly bags and you know that
G's up in this club in them white T's and them throwbacks
This is for them girls who stay fly, stay fly
Make them boys say ya so fly, so fine
22's on that 05 that 05
Get that red cup in the sky and raise it high



Nivea, Nivea, Nivea, Nivea (red-cup)
Ready to party now, party now, party now (remix)
Nivea, Nivea, Nivea, Nivea (red cup)
Ready to party now, party now, party now, (remix)


It's them A-Town killaz
And them slachen chillas
Yall nigga's know you cant stop this shit
Love how they catch you come rock that shit
Stars at the seven cant block my hit
Now that boy done hit a lick
Selling these records like I sale them bricks
Say yeah, roll em up
From that A throw it up
Give me 24's ill be on that deeds
In the truck nigga 4-15's
So fresh (so fresh) So clean (so clean) So fresh (so fresh) So clean (so clean)
Saw some niggas at the gate go pack it up
Get it on the floor girl back it up
Okay, remix, Nivea, Nivea,Nivea


Přidal: Ondra dne 16. 05. 2006 v 16:06.
Počet zobrazení: 117 (0).

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