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Nine Inch Nails - The Warning - text písně

Texty písní » Nine Inch Nails - The Warning

Nine Inch Nails - stát se fanouškem

Some say it was a warning
Some say it was a sign
I was standing right there
When it came down from the sky
They were expecting us
We felt it from inside
Said it was up to us
Up to us to decide

You've become a virus
That's eaten up its host
We've been watching you with all our eyes
And what you seem to value most
"I don't want your attention," so you used to say
Your greed, self-importance and your elegance
Wish it all way

May be a crime
We've come to intervene
You can change your ways
And we will wipe this place clean

Your time is tick-tick-ticking away

Přidal: dne 09. 04. 2007 v 21:20.
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