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Nightwish - Higher Than Hope - text písně

Texty písní » Nightwish - Higher Than Hope

Nightwish - stát se fanouškem

Time it took the most of me
And left me with no key
To unlock the chest of remedy
Mother, the pain ain`t hurting me
But the love that I feel
When you hold me near

The hopes were high
The choirs were vast
Now my dreams are left to live through you

Red Sun rising
Drown without inhaling
Within, the dark holds hard
Red Sun rising
Curtain falling
Higher than hope my cure lies

An angel by my side
But no Christ to end this war
To deliver my soul from the sword
Hope has shown me a scenery
Paradise poetry
With first snow I`ll be gone

The hopes were high...

Red Sun rising...

Your death saved me

Red Sun rising...

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