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Naughty By Nature - Cozy - text písně

Texty písní » Naughty By Nature - Cozy

Naughty By Nature - stát se fanouškem


Ha, ha, Naughty
I can make ya go
Uh huh, na na na na


[1] - I've got it, you wanted it all
I've got it, you needed more
I've got it, if you want it all
Just come get it, I've got what you're waiting for
I've got what you're waiting for

I know that you wanna come see me
Let me freak you down completely tonight
Come on and talk to me baby
Stop frontin' cuz I know you wanna jump on it
I could show you things you never knew
Two people could do, oh

If you let me come inside tonight
Girl, I'm guarenteed to satisfy
Penetration 'till the morning light
It's alright girl, I'll rock your world
And make you wish for the next night
I got what you're waiting for

Now here we go
I say I kick looking all rich
Like ya'll picked six in lotto
Money and menage is your motto
We follow with bottles
Of Henney and Remy, the gang and Uncle Vinnie
Get plenty, more like Demi
Come and get me
Are we eye to eye and are we mouth to mouth
Cuz the way down town's a hop skip and a bounce
Ya see I'll penetrate ya inner space
After a winner date, dinner date
Ain't no way, no where, no place I'll spend a day

[Repeat 1]

Uh, na na na na
Make ya say uh
Uh, na na na na
Make ya say uh uh
Uh, na na na na
Make you say uh uh uh
Uh, na na na na

The way you kiss it when it's thick
It's guarenteed I time it right
When big is you gonna feel it
From your ass to ever tight
You into bondage and ass smacks
You're rough boo
Yo style is why you tell me to cuff you
When I fuck you
The way you suck, ooooh
Makes me always wanna touch you
And I don't pay for ass
The way I fuck I want a buck too
Who needs a swinger, the thug or a malingerer, boo
You don't need a man, that's you and T-Boz
With them fingers but
I ain't mad if you gon' touch yourself
Cuz with this you ain't never got to fuck yourself
See, I'm your water man in your big cahona
You know when they sayin' packers run with a bullet
That ain't no rap list
Piling punanies, one frontwards, one backwards
On a broke ass mattress
Fix up and ask me how I like it hot
I go uh uh uh, menage-a-tois

[Repeat 1]

Some say I'm from rags to riches
From snitches to fishes
Who's the man? Shit I even got bitches after my bitches
From bitch to butch I'll fix the tooche
With one look
You be beggin' the three leg nigga to push
We had what four three hosematic who fought from pork
He was an heir from dook he even ate pussy
At the orgey for me
After they boned us they road us in two lex's and a Lotus
Other bitches showed us
All they zoota's and those E riches are bogus

Přidal: Ondra dne 24. 02. 2005 v 10:57.
Počet zobrazení: 168 (0).

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