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Naughty Boy & Ed Sheeran - Top Floor - text písně

Texty písní » Naughty Boy & Ed Sheeran - Top Floor

Naughty Boy - stát se fanouškem

Ed Sheeran - stát se fanouškem

Album: Hotel Cabana

I can see the city light
From where I stand on the top floor
And I’m not sure if I’m dead
I raise my hands to the clouds
To check if heaven is with me now
Cos the devil’s in my bed

And she won’t love me
Like she could
And she won’t hold me
Like you would

I bid this city goodnight
And cover street lamps just like my eyes
When it’s quiet I’ll go

And say my sweetest goodbye
Under billboards are fast food and mobile phones

Cos they won’t treat me
Like they should
Cos they don’t need me
Like you would

My toes curl, clutch to the edge
And filled up with regret
Could you forgive me yet

Would you know if I fell
From this hotel?

Přidal: dne 09. 09. 2013 v 16:13.
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