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Ms.dynamite - It Takes More - text písně

Texty písní » Ms.dynamite - It Takes More

Ms.dynamite - stát se fanouškem

Ms.Dynamite - It takes more

The shit that u promote fightin' fuckin'
like u don't want 2 grow,
Ya talkin' so much sex,
But u not tell the youths bout aids,
And u not tell the bout consequence no,
U talikn' like u a G but your a killer killin' ya own,
Your just a racist man's pussy,
Tell me who wants 2 know,
What, when, who, where or how u do your hoe.

PRE-CHORUS- Version 1
Certainly not me,
Certainly not me,
'Cause baby personally I like 2 b challenged mentally,
I've heard it all b4 gangsters pimps and whores,
Quality is poor,
A girl like me needs more.

It takes more 2 amuse a girl like me,
So much more 2 confuse a girl like me,
They've got you 'cause while ya braggin'
'bout ya badness ya just avoidin' addin' 2 the real shit that's happenin' 2 us.

Now who gives a damn about the ice on your hand,
If it's not 2 complex,
Tell me how many Africans died 4 the baguettes on your Rolex?
So what u pushin' a nice car,
Don't u know there's no such thing as superstars,
We leave this world alone,
So who gives a fuck about the things u own.

PRE-CHORUS- Version 2
Certainly not me,
Certainly not me,
'cause baby personally I like 2 b challenged mentally,
That shits insignificant,
And it don't help 2 pay my rent,
It's pure negativity that u impose on me.


Now I could sit and chat shit bout dicks and sex,
But my business is my business I got self respect,
I could talk bout how my press pimp mans doe,
Get the keys 2 his ride and his home,
But I looked it up and that would make ke a hoe,
Little sisters now I really gotta let u know,
Real women aint sexin' 4 no mans doe,
Real women work hard 2 make their own,
Now we could all chat bout gats and blacks on black,
Enforce the hypes and all the stereotypes,
But youths watchin' that aint what I'm here 4
Show them 2 think higher and aspire 2 b more.


Přidal: Ondra dne 16. 10. 2004 v 09:42.
Počet zobrazení: 435 (0).

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