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Method Man - Cereal Killer - text písně

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Method Man - stát se fanouškem

Cereal killer

[Method Man]
Yeah.. yeah.. huahh.. hahh..
Murda murda murda, kill kill kill
That's right.. (killer, killer)
Murda murda murda, kill kill kill
Flex.. flex.. flex.. flex..
(I'm going to kill you!)

Verse One: Method Man

Slowly I turn, step by step
Through the back window, I crept
Silent as a mouse on the set
While everybody in the house slept
I disconnect the phones and the rest
Find a butcher knife, cut the power lines to the lights
Now a nigga wild for the night
I come like the livin dead, straight from the dirt
Back to avenge his own death on this earth
Ever hear of Jason? Then you know my work
Down to the basement, the dog get it first
I can't help myself, my thoughts ain't my own
The voices in my head just won't leave me alone
Murda murda murda, kill kill kill
Pissin on the car seats, flattenin the wheels
So there's no escape from the fate that awaits
No one to witness the horror takin place
Yea! Now I'm on my way up the stairs
To the bedroom of my prey unaware
Heads will be hung from the chimney with care
with hopes that the police soon will be here

(Eye Witness News, channel 7
We are at the scene, of a, horrific crime ladies and gentlemen
I can't describe it right now..)

Verse Two: Redman

Yo, fuck knockin, kick the door, evict the four
Yell out, "It's a stick-up, hit the floor!"
You fish cake niggaz, stay lippin off
Did your mama name you, or Mrs. Paul's?
Battlin session, what's up with it?
I talk like I walk with a fucked up pivot
Niggaz scream out, "It's just us bitches!"
"Don't shoot," out the phone booth
I aim at your party, hit the wrong group
"Happy birth..." oooh, ooh ooh ooh!
Niggaz done snapped, runnin hunchback
Duckin, brick walls get thumbtacked
So run laps, 'fore I body you
Bust out the sides, like karate shoes
Doc, turned velcro when night falls
Central Park joggers, wear bright clothes
Tai-Bo five flows
Lizard, Centipede, Snake - I'm a KILLER!

[Blue Raspberry]
Cereal, cereal killer (This is the sound of a cow)
Cereal, cereal killer (Arf arf, aowwwwwwwww!)

Yo, yo
I walk on backs like Mr. Bentley
After P-P-P stripped you empty
Gather round, for rapid sound
Fourth of July was three months ago, should I pat him down?
No one, would fold both thumbs
and eight fingers, to square with Joe Young
Tongue below one, spit dumb, moron
for whiteboys to snowboard on
"So What 'Cha What 'Cha What 'Cha Want?"
Chew Spearmint gum, two double pump
Two cannons, piece by piece
Your School get Dazed like G Phi G
Murda murda murda, kill kill kill
Take nuts and screws out ferris wheels
If you ain't Missy, payin no bills
Body you in supermarket, no frills

Murda murda murda, kill kill kill (flex.. flex..)
Murda murda murda, kill kill kill
(murda murda murda, kill kill kill)

Verse Four: Method Man

Doc hold my coat, I'm bout to go low
Titanic MC rock the boat Meth
Tone def rhyme microphone sex line
Next time don't forget the TEC-9 step, Bob Digital
Context is critical
Bomb threat these individiuals that's on deck
So you the illest nigga in Nebraska?
Hell nah! It's the Master
Number sixteen, party crasher, flex
I think too much, I drink too much
My crew don't really give two fucks, about you ducks
We over here Shaolin What?!
Spontaneous combust' when I smoke a bag of dust
Ahhh what a rush, cigar be the Dutch
Method Man and Redman, Starsky and Hutch
I crush MC's, can't trust niggaz
niggaz can't trust me, I'm a KILLER!

[Blue Raspberry]
Cereal, cereal killer
Cereal, cereal killer
Cereal, cereal killer
Cereal, cereal killer..

Přidal: Z U P A dne 10. 02. 2005 v 22:50.
Počet zobrazení: 415 (1).

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