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Manhole - stát se fanouškem

1 out of every 3 women will be a victim of sexual assault during her lifetime
in the united states it is estimated that a rape occurs every 1.3 seconds
75% of rape victims know thier attacker and 71% of rapes are planned beforehand
so with a 187 and it's on... cuz i ain't your fuckin victim
the fear of rape is the fear of an empty space a gun a can of mace can't replace being scared in a city of
violence season of silence you can't deny this felony, punishable by prison but that's a joke cuz most
offenders get off so yo; you better know this ain't a love song, ain't a love song no means no, another murder
it's on
but i'm no victim fuck what you heard i ain't your victim yo-kick the word
its rape 101 class in session time for a lesson, fool stop guessin stressin the tension that's felt by women
and did i mention i'm a mad bitch and my mama raised a bad-bitch doing nothin but dirt while other girls wear
skirts yo- i'll be hittin punks wear it hurts in the back of their necks i got a nickle plated flex-g and a
right to dress sexy when and where i want without being harrassed for it or being told that i asked for it this
ain't a love song, ain't a love song no means no, another murder its on...
but i'm no victim i'm talkin to you clown i ain't your victim check the breakdown
maybe it's because most rapes are commited by someone the victim knows so she may think it doesn't count- only
no one has the right to force you into sex against your will so if this has happened to you you'd better report
it because after all the strides that woman have made we can't afford to lose our voice
can't afford to be a victim
i ain't your victim
choose to refuse to be a victim
this ain't no invitation
what part of no don't you fuckin understand? asshole.

Přidal: supercheer dne 09. 09. 2007 v 19:35.
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