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Laibach - stát se fanouškem

We're going to sleep in the wind tonight, in the
wind, who is laughing, wildly, and maybe the
clouds, these white sheets, will be our only

On hands and clothes the first, then second
drops of rain will fall.
In the night through the swampy clearing a
heron will cry out.

The stronger one will wash our faces and
moisten our lips with a rag and the night with
a cold knife will cut us black bread.

We will weigh up our thoughts like rotten
branches, until the sunny dawn warms the
ground and our hearts.

The underwood will wake up in the sun and
war will begin its song again: Brother of mine,
Don't hide your face, today is war, it's WAR today!

Přidal: dne 19. 12. 2005 v 14:45.
Počet zobrazení: 106 (0).

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