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Ky-mani Marley(feat. Louie Rankin & Maintain) - Ghetto Soldier - text písně

Texty písní » Ky-mani Marley(feat. Louie Rankin & Maintain) - Ghetto Soldier

Ky-mani Marley(feat. Louie Rankin & Maintain) - stát se fanouškem

Ghetto soldier, ghetto soldier, Rebel soldier, rebel soldier, ghetto soldier, rebel soldier

I was brought up on the block with the hustlers and killa fiends and the killas with no soul. See on the block every chick got a whole lotta fuzz in'em screamin for the po-po
Ya my papa was a legend but lemme tell you somethin bout me, I was raised up poor
And I'm my hood nobody gave a muthafuck about you ya befriend the pen.
My childhood, many bitches on the corner sippin guiness [? ] don't let my name go.
Carry a chip on my shoulder, bout the size of texas you want drama playas sayin no more
Ya I'm a product of the street labeled a menace to society, how the fuck would they know
Don't be so quick to point the finger when really you gonna shit it by me. soldier release and reload.

I know I told ya when you fuckin with me just know ya fuckin with a ghetto soldier, I know I told ya when you fuckin with me just know ya fuckin with a Rebel soldier

You can never pretend like I don't exsist, I'm in the mist of the thugs, and I'm huggin the block shootin and never miss. who in the hell is this, witness never make it, no evidence. snitchin is not allowed in my residence, born in this ghetto storm talk it walk it do it all in teh ghetto form soldiers born and lose more than a leg or arm, paper chase it doin a million miles an hour, live for the moment cause I'm knowin this could be my last hour.got the flower to bloom, got the power to boom. get ya high as the moon but with these cowards I'm doomed I'm a goon show mistakes there ain't no room for ya ain't no errors cause the sherriffs got a room for ya they don't scare us because the terrors increases the crime rate in the seasons see americas most wanted on your tv's ghetto soldiers they don't know it but we here to keep your poppin this song keep tighten up they hide your johnny cockren is gone

[Chorus x2]

Gotta do whatcha gotta do with the circumstances given liven life as a ghetto soldier. It seems the jefferson and demons and the police uniforms and they searchin for ghetto kids to murder. I was here to survive when they came to trash the ones who took the note to protect'em from every corner with? . this systems hittin the gutters baby hungry daddy lookin at?
Baby daddy eat so daddys gotta risk his life, this ghetto livin is the closest to the single shot [? ]

[Chorus x2]

Přidal: Ondra dne 24. 04. 2008 v 20:25.
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