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Kai Tracid - Bad Shape - text písně

Texty písní » Kai Tracid - Bad Shape

Kai Tracid - stát se fanouškem

It's There
In every corner that I turn
No effort, nothing needs to be earned
And here's my arm
Here's my nose
Swallow it whole
It's got control

So I struggle I fight
Dark forces in the moonlight
There's no club for tonight

Go to school
Go to work
Everyday's a big perk
It's peer pressure somehow

And every corner that I turn
It's the happiness that I yearn
feed me now lock me up in my room
And give me glue, giue me ecstacy, acid and mushrooms

Happy places that I go
Happy people that I know
Offer me to relax
Take a tic
Take a tac
Keeps me going now
Keeps me coming around

The destroyer
consumes me and I can't escape
Holding on
Letting go
I'm in bad shape

Přidal: mušle dne 15. 02. 2005 v 17:57.
Počet zobrazení: 326 (0).

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