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Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait - text písně

Texty písní » Gamma Ray - Heaven Can Wait

Gamma Ray - stát se fanouškem

Heaven Can Wait
Too many people, too much trouble,
too many problems in the morn.
Anpther sunrise in the rubble,
another ship sunk by the storm.
Some little angel tries to tell me that it's over.
It's just a bad reflection from above.
The load upon my shoulder makes me stronger, even bolder.
Oh no no, I haven't had enough.

Heaven can wait, 'til another day.
Cause there ain't no reason to leave.
The world is a stage where we all can play.
Another fine reason to live,
and heaven can wait, heaven can wait.

Each day a new reason to give up,
each day another reason to sigh.
A hundred thousand ways to live up,
a hundred thousan ways to try.
Hey, little angel, don't you tell me that it's over.
You're just a bad reflection from above.
The load upon my shoulder gives me reasons to get older.
Tell the boss I haven't had enough.

Our eyes are close but they should be open wide
Let's listen to the voice that's calling from inside.
Let's stay alive and move on, on our way
And heaven can wait, heaven can wait.
Heaven - can wait 'til another day.

Přidal: Larius dne 18. 03. 2006 v 14:07.
Počet zobrazení: 214 (0).

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