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Frank Sinatra - All The Way - text písně

Texty písní » Frank Sinatra - All The Way

Frank Sinatra - stát se fanouškem

When somebody loves you
It's no good unless he loves you - all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you - all the way

Taller than the tallest tree is
That's how it's got to feel
Deeper than the deep blue see is
That's how deep it goes - if it's real

When somebody needs you
It's no good unless he needs you - all the way
Through the good or lean years
And for all the in between years - come what may

Who know where the road will lead us
Only a fool would say
But if you'll let me love you
It's for sure I'm gonna love you - all the way, all the way

Přidal: dne 25. 03. 2005 v 08:34.
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