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Fishbone - Naz-tee May'en - text písně

Texty písní » Fishbone - Naz-tee May'en

Fishbone - stát se fanouškem

Naz-Tee May'en
Got myself a woman
Nasty as can be-Nasty, Nasty
When my woman's time comes
She gets downright dirty with me

'cause I'm a nasty man with a nasty plan
I'm a nasty man, humpin' and a-bumpin' anytime I can

Me Gay? No Way!

Bonin' is a thang in which overindulgence is never enough
And when the fish ain't bitin' life gets frightening
So hang tough, hold on to your stuff
The pussycat is playin' with the ball in the yard
And the dog is biting his bone
Felt so good to the ball the bone got hard
Felt so good it blew the ball apart

My woman's got a man
Nasty lil ole me-Nasty, Nasty
She knows I'm game for anything
And she'll never set me free


Ain't nuthin' I'd rather be doin'
Than hoochie hoochie hoochie gooin'
Ain't nuthin' I'd rather be doin'!
Than sweatin', chewin' and spewin'

When my woman's all alone
And her nasty man can't help-Nasty, Nasty
She will use her fingers and precious time
To get acquainted with herself


I like a nasty man
Ain't nuthin' I'd rather be doin'

Would you rather be-walking the dog?
petting the cat?

Přidal: Larius dne 15. 03. 2006 v 18:40.
Počet zobrazení: 136 (0).

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