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Fergie - Glamorous (ft. Ludacris) - text písně

Texty písní » Fergie - Glamorous (ft. Ludacris)

Fergie - stát se fanouškem

(If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home) [x2]

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah) [x2]

We flyin' first class up in the sky,
the champagne livin' my life,
in the fast lane,
I won't change by the Glamorous,
oh flossy flossy.

The Glamorous, The Glamorous, Glamorous, By The Glamorous, Oh Flossy Flossy. [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Little golden diamond rings,
all them things don't mean a thing,
chaperones and limousines,
shopping for expensive things,
I be on the movie screens,
magazines and scenes,
I'm not queen, I'm not pristine, I'm no queen,
(escobar)? to taco bell,
drive-thru, (gross hair)?,
I don't care, I'm still real,
no matter how many records I sell,
after the show after the,
I like to go cool out with the feelings,
sipping and reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang.

[Bridge x2]

I'm talking champagne [?],
caviar dreams,
you deserve nothing but all the finer better things,
now this whole world has no clue what to do it,
I've got enough money in the bank for the two of us,
Brother gotta keep enough lettuce to support your shoe fetish lifestyle,
So rich and famous will get jealous,
half a million for the stone,
take a trip from here to Rome,
So if ain't got no money take your broke ass home.

G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (yeah) [x2]

[Bridge x2]

[Verse 2: Fergie]
I got problems up to here,
I got people in my ear,
telling me these crazy things that I don't wanna know,
I got money in the bank and I'd really like to think,
all them fans would like think, think you really know,
cause I remember yesterday when I dreamt about them days when I rock on MTV I could really talk,
Damn, it's been a long road and the industry is cold
I'm glad my daddy told me so he let his daughter know.

(If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home) My Daddy told me so
(If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home) He Let Hďs Daughter know [x2]

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