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Elvis Costello - 15 Petals - text písně

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Elvis Costello - stát se fanouškem

15 Petals

15 Petals
One for every year I spent with you
Jewels and precious metals will never do
I love you twisted
And I love you straight
I'd write it down but I can't concentrate
Words won't obey they do as the please
And all I am left with are these...

15 Petals
One for every year I spent with you
Jewels and precious metals will never do

The thorn is blunted
The perfume will fade
I stand where sun is set
I crave the shade
Down in the tavern with Mary and Joe
Palms reached for alms as they throw

15 Petals...
One for every hour that we're apart
Tears and useless battles
I'll never start

Mussolini highway
There's a frankincense tree
I picked some up there to carry with me
You take me to places where I'd never go
I love you more than you know

15 Petals
Scattered in the path where you will tread
15 Petals
Of vivid red

One wine-bar vamp with the polythene face
Ein Panzer Kommander with no hair in place
The crooked battalions drilled holes in the square

Přidal: Larius dne 10. 03. 2006 v 15:00.
Počet zobrazení: 77 (0).

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