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Cave Nick - Crow Jane - text písně

Texty písní » Cave Nick - Crow Jane

Cave Nick - stát se fanouškem

Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane
Horrors in her head
That her tongue dare not name
She lives all alone by the river
The rolling rivers of pain
Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane Ah hah huh
There is one shining eye on a hard-hat
The Company closed down the mine
Winking on the waters they came
Twenty hard-hats, twenty eyes
In her clapboard shack
Only six foot by five
They killed all her whiskey
Poured their pistols dry
Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane Ah hah huh
Seems you've remembered
How to sleep, how to sleep
The house dogs are in your turnips
And your yard dogs are running all over the streets
Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane Ah hah huh
"O Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson
Why you close up shop so late?"
"Just fitted out a girl who looked like a bird
Measured .32, .44, .38
I asked that girl which road she was taking
She said she's walking the road of hate
But she hopped on a coal-trolley up to New Town
Population: 48
Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane Ah hah huh
Your guns are drunk and smoking
They followed you right back to the gate
Laughing all the way home from the New Town
Population now: 28
Crow Jane Crow Jane
Crow Jane Ah hah huh

Přidal: Ondra dne 03. 02. 2005 v 14:09.
Počet zobrazení: 286 (0).

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