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Camouflage - What For - text písně

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Camouflage - stát se fanouškem

Tell me all what happens,
in the name of God.
All the misunderstandings,
of the written word.
The crusader stories,
the killing,
for the true faith,
the persecution
of the jews,
all the unknown pain.

What for?
A place in heaven,
in another world?
What for?
As a final solution,
in a fight against ourselves!?

Tell me all what happens,
far away from
good and bad.
Our mental frontiers
where sense stops to explain.
Any kind of hatred,
the witch is hunting,
all the misunderstandings
which happened,
in a coloured,
christian world.

What for?
The defense of culture,
the excuse for all?
What for?
A kind of magic,
in a fascinated world!?

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