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Big Time Rush - Stuck - text písně

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Big Time Rush - stát se fanouškem


There are so many
Things that I never ever got to say
Cause I'm always
Tounge tied with my
Words getting in the way
If you could read my mind
Then all your doubts
Would be left behind
And every little thing
Would be falling into place
And I would scream to the world
They would see your my girl but I just...
But I keep getting stuck stuck
But I'm never giving up up
In the middle of a perfect day
I'm tripping over words to say
Cause I dont want to keep you guessing
But I always end up getting
Stuck stuck but I'm never giving up up
I'm off of a chance just wasted
Tell me its not to laddies
But even love is hard
To keep me but I'm not insane

Přidal: Ornela dne 28. 09. 2010 v 02:28.
Počet zobrazení: 132 (0).

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