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Authority Zero - Open Eyes - text písně

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Authority Zero - stát se fanouškem

Open Eyes
Yeah you judge me
For god knows what now
Always bitching, always moaning
And trying to bring me down
But, I can't be bothered
By all the things you say
So shut your fucking mouth
And pass that 40 my way!
One way there's no way
You inconsiderate prick
You never see me, believe me
You're making me sick
Society will judge us
But I don't give a fuck
They're always handing us their shit
That always turns up bad luck
Just leave us alone
You always tried to be on top
And this you have shown
Right in my face, just like you intended to
Then pushed them right in my face, like intentions do
Open Eyes, the stories inside
Burning bridges so the past we hide
You try to keep and open mind,
It closes on you
Well can't you see, what you've got to do?
Now listen, why not try and understand
That which made no sense to you
Made no more sense to the man
I guess that is why opinions run such amuck
But hey, if you're asking me, I don't give a fuck
So that's why, we try, to turn right away?
You're running down that dirt road the road of today
Passing everyone, I guess that's just how it goes
Faster, hoping nobody knows!
You live your life, and set mine aside
You never tried
Well now it's time to see, you're you, not me
Well now you're down on your luck
You're never going to be
It's time for you to realize, it isn't you it's me
Just live how you live, as all the day's pass you by
But, don't you try and tell me how
When all you do is lie
Conforming to you?
Oh give me a fucking break
Just take a look at you my friend
You're just another fake
And no I'll never listen, to what you have to say
It's going to be my life, till my dying day!
Open eyes, the stories inside
Burning bridges so the past we hide
You try to keep an open mind it closes on you
Well can't you see, what you've got to do yeah
Open eyes, the stories inside
All of your rules, you're punkin' all of your lies
Just leave me alone, for me to decide
All I'm asking of you is just open your eyes!
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes!
Open your eyes!

Přidal: Larius dne 22. 11. 2005 v 19:01.
Počet zobrazení: 89 (1).

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