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Ashanti - Dreams - text písně

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Ashanti - stát se fanouškem

Children Talking]
[Chorus 2x]
Dreams are real all you have to do is just believe
[Verse 1]
There is nothing that should ever take your heart away
From what it is you wanna to do
You should always go with what you love
Don't follow no one else just do whats good for you, tell them
[Chorus 2x]
[Verse 2]
Sometimes people try to bring you down
They wanna see you frown just keep your faith in you,
doesn't matter if they try to tell you that you'll
Never make it this is what you do, tell them
[Chorus 2x]
Tell them
[Chorus 5x]
I believe in myself and my dreams will come true

Přidal: Filipous dne 12. 07. 2005 v 16:05.
Počet zobrazení: 146 (0).

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